360 Comedy Films Writers and Actors

Highwire sketch team 360 Comedy Films seeks writers and actors. This team specializes in 360 video content and is leading the charge in 360 video and virtual reality as a new and exciting medium through which to explore comedy.

How the 360 Comedy Films team works: 

  • Writers meet once per week with a head writer.
  • Actors will meet with writers once to twice per month for rehearsals in advance of a video shoot. 
  • 360 video shoots take place at least once per month. Writers are encouraged but not required to attend shoots.
  • Team members are expected to help engage and grow the social media reach of 360 Comedy Films

Writers interested in being part of the team should submit writing and social media samples as indicated in Part 1 and Part 3 below. Actors should submit performance and social media samples as indicated in Part 2 and Part 3 below. 

Part 1 (Writers) Please submit two of the following as examples of your writing:

  • An existing sketch or blackout that relies heavily on visual humor.
  • Choose one of your favorite sketches and describe how it could be repurposed to take full advantage of 360 video. Include the original sketch and the description of how it could be repurposed.
  • Provide a description of a sketch that allows the viewer to be part of the scene without having to speak (e.g., the viewer is being reprimanded by children).
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer. Provide a description of a unique scenario you would like to immerse yourself in if you were handed 360 degree glasses (e.g., doing the Macarena or playing a game of dodgeball).

Part 2 (Actors) Please submit the following: 

  • Please record a monologue (comedic or dramatic) of your choosing that includes three recently trending tweets. Use your improv skills to splice them together into a coherent monologue. Include links to or screencaps of said tweets.

Part 3 (Writers and Actors) Facebook and YouTube are investing heavily in 360 video. Therefore, maintaining a strong social media footprint is incredibly important. We're looking for group members who will help engage and grow our reach. Please submit both of the following:

  • Picture Caption: Snap a picture of the world around you and imagine it’s a still from a video shoot. If you were to share the picture to generate a buzz for the video, how would you caption it? Submit the picture and the caption.
  • Snap Chat or IG Story: Imagine you’re on your way to film a scene involving a moose and duck, record a fun 5-15 second video talking about it in a way that will make people excited to watch the full video.

Submissions should be emailed to sarahzb@highwirecomedy.com and are accepted in on ongoing basis.