Announcing the Fall 2017 Livewire Sketch Teams

We are excited to share that the Fall 2017 Livewire Sketch Teams have been formed! We are welcoming three new teams to Livewire along with returning sketch team Eternal Slumber Party. Congratulations to all who made a team and thank you to everyone who applied and auditioned – we saw so much incredible talent!

Livewire shows will be at 9:00pm the first two Saturdays of every month starting in October!

Here’s to a new season of supercharged sketch comedy.

Your Fall 2017 Sketch Teams are: 


Aaron Gillette - writer
Chandler Anderson - writer
Coley Campany - performer
Erika Chase - performer
Haylee Ellman - writer/performer
Jared van Aalten - writer
Layla Soileau - writer
Lucas Scott - performer
Muretta Moss - performer
Scott Banks - writer/performer

TEAM VIOLETAbigail Williams - performer
Adrien Mechelle - performer
Armond Snowden - writer
Ashley Payne - writer
Correan Canty - writer
Daniel Annone- performer
Eric Castaneda - performer
Evan Conaway - writer
George Koulouris - writer
Sara Bresee - performer
Sid Desai - writer
Sorrell Sanders - performer


Alex Parkinson - performer
Bret Brammer - writer
Eric Luedtke - writer
Jason Osorio - performer
Jenny Stearns - performer
Laura Scott - writer
Lily Naz - performer
Lindsey Dunn - writer/performer
Maria Liatis - performer
Skylar Denney - writer
Tess Malone - writer


DW Medoff - writer
Chris Mayers - writer/performer
Elizabeth Miller - performer
Jess Merrill- writer/performer
Jonathon Pawlowski - performer
Madison Rigger-Hatfield - writer/performer
Robert Graham- writer/performer
Sarah Zureick-Brown - writer/performer
Simon Rakestraw - writer/performer