Announcing the Fall 2017 MegaVolt Teams

We are excited to share that the Fall 2017 MegaVolt Teams have been formed! We are welcoming three brand new teams to MegaVolt. Congratulations to all who made a team and thank you to everyone who applied and auditioned – we saw so much incredible talent! 

The new MegaVolt teams will make their debut at 8:00pm, Thursday September 28!

Your Fall 2017 MegaVolt Teams are (names in bold are new to MegaVolt): 

Team Jack

AJ Chin
Courtney Overcash
Hunter Toro
Jay Thomas
John Goodrich
Rachel Kossover-Smith
Ryan Farrell
Taylor Bennett

Team Janet

Adam LaBorde
Andrew Bracken
Cody Sanders
Hayley Ellman
Kelly McCormick
Marilyn Chung
Miguel Figueroa
Rebekah Boroughs

Team Chrissy

Amanda Pinney
Armond Snowden
Jeremy Gragg
Miranda Fyfe
Lindsey Dunn
Sarah Stephens
Simon Rakestraw
Spencer Murrill