Announcing the new 2018 Fall/Winter Livewire Sketch Teams

We are excited to share that the 2018 Fall/Winter Livewire Sketch Teams have been formed! Congratulations to everyone who made a team and thank you to all of our applicants – we saw so much incredible talent!.

Livewire shows will be at 9:00pm the first Saturday of every month starting in November.

Here’s to a new season of supercharged sketch comedy!

Your 2018 Fall/Winter Sketch Teams are:

bold - new to Livewire Sketch Teams
italic - returning to Livewire Sketch Teams
^ - promoted to Writer/Performer

New Team Hall
Director: Ian Covell
Brandon Stringfield (Writer)
Evan Conaway (Writer)
Lauren May (Writer)
Chris Genovese (Writer/Performer)
^Jared Nipper (Writer/Performer)
Lauren Barash (Writer/Performer)
Abigail Williams (Performer)
Frank Amoroso (Performer)
Hayley Ellman (Performer)

New Team Oates
Director: Sam Gordon
Eric Luedtke (Writer)
Katie Bershadsky (Writer)
Rick Martin (Writer)
TJ Jackson (Writer)
Sarah Stephens (Writer/Performer)
Octavian Whittaker (Writer/Performer)
Alex Parkinson (Performer)
Katelin Chesna (Performer)
Rachel Bagley (Performer)
Sorrell Sanders (Performer)