Spring/Summer 2018 Megavolt Auditions!

Audition applications for the 2018 Spring/Summer season of MegaVolt are now open! Auditions will take place on SATURDAY, MARCH 31st at Highwire Comedy Co. Please fill out THIS FORM no later than WEDNESDAY MARCH 28 to apply for an audition slot.

Anyone who has previously been on a MegaVolt team or has completed the Improv Training Program at Highwire through Level 3 (The Harold) is eligible to apply. Due to the amount of eligible improvisers and the limited number of available slots, priority will be given to Highwire students and performers who have finished The Harold class or performed on a MegaVolt team within the last year. 

Audition confirmations will be sent out by Friday March 30th.

Questions? Just email megavolt@highwirecomedy.com!

* please note that a completed form does not guarantee an audition slot.

MegaVolt Team Expectations

  • MegaVolt teams practice and perform weekly. You must attend 75% of all shows and practices. Failure to meet attendance requirements may result in being cut from the team.
  • Please avoid scheduling conflicts (work, other rehearsals, other shows, etc) during your shows and practices.
  • The team is responsible for securing a practice location.
  • Each MegaVolt team is responsible for paying their coach a flat rate of $50/practice. 
  • MegaVolt team members are expected to help promote their shows.