Good Evening, Tonight is accepting applications for the Spring 2018 Season

Highwire Comedy Co. is now accepting applications for writers in the Spring 2018 Season of Good Evening, Tonight! 

Good Evening, Tonight is a weekly, late-night style news comedy show. We are looking for talented and energetic people to help us create an hour of outrageous and hilarious news-related content each week. Being part of the Good Evening, Tonight team is a lot of fun and a great way to grow as a writer and performer. It is also a significant time commitment (typically 8-12 hours a week). Please take this into consideration when applying.

Please see below for all the application instructions and expectations. Read through them very carefully before submitting.

All applications must be received by 11:59pm on Monday May 21, 2018!

Team Expectations

  • Attending two weekly writer's meetings
    • Wednesday nights from 7pm-9pm
    • Saturdays from 11am-3pm
  • Final tech and show are Saturdays from 6pm-9pm
  • Please devote enough time to the team 
    • Please avoid scheduling conflicts (work, other rehearsals, other shows, etc) during your techs, shows, rehearsals, or meetings.
    • It is ok if you cannot be at every meeting, but being present most of the time is an important part of being on the team.
    • Please make sure you can fully commit before applying.
  • Team members must be fully prepared at meetings and rehearsals. 
    • Writers should have material and rewrites ready.
    • Performers should be familiar with material for table reads and off book for the show.
  • Team members are expected to help promote the shows.

Show Expectations

  • All shows are Saturday nights at 8:00p. The first Saturday of the month there is no show.
  • All material must be made up of original material specifically written for Good Evening, Tonight. 
  • Each show will contain the strongest material as selected by the show runner or head writer. There is no guarantee that every writer will get something in each show or that every actor will be featured in each show.
  • All material is to be written by the writers on the team and performed by the performers on the team. Outside talent (writers, actors, etc) may only be used at the show runner or director’s discretion if absolutely necessary.

Expectations, prerequisites, and application instructions below: 



You must meet any of the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of (or current enrollment in) Highwire Sketch Writing Level 3
  • Involvement in a past or present Highwire Sketch team (in any role)
  • Completion of Highwire Stand Up Level 1
  • Similar sketch writing or stand up experience somewhere else (inside or outside of a class setting)

Expectations and Requirements

  • Each week identify at least 5 news stories you think we should cover as well as pitch at least one character idea and one desk bit idea.
  • Attend all performance rehearsals and tech rehearsals of anything you have written.
  • Be respectful and considerate during meetings.
  • Rewrite material and meet deadlines set forth by the show runner or head writer.

Application Instructions

Send the following to with the subject line: Spring 2018 GOOD EVENING, TONIGHT APPLICATION // WRITER // YOUR NAME.

A single PDF formatted according to the submission example below with the following: 

  • Page 1: Cover Letter - this should include your name, email address, phone number, relevant experience (either at Highwire or elsewhere), any references you wish to include with contact info, a little bit about yourself and why you want to be part of the GET team.
    * In addition please indicate if you are well-versed in any of these special skills: 
    • Stage Managing
    • Photoshop/graphic design
    • Social media promotion
    • Video production
    • Lighting Tech
    • Sound Tech
  • Page 2: Nine original monologue-style jokes based on news stories or current events (see sample packet for examples). You can write one joke per news story or multiple punchlines for the same story.
  • Page 3: Our show also features desk bits (usually a themed list or a news rant). Below is a Desk Bit we used previously on the show, please write four additional ideas that could be added to this existing partial list:
    Reasons Atlantans Don’t Vote in Local Elections.
    Atlanta voters went to the polls Tuesday to elect a new mayor. There were just 92,169 votes cast, which is less than 20 percent of the city’s voting population. Which brings us to our new segment: Reasons Atlantans Don’t Vote in Local Elections:
    1. They went to the wrong Peachtree.
    2. Working on their Dragoncon costume.
    3. A movie set was blocking their polling station.
    4. Tried to take the streetcar, but it just took them in a circle.
  • Page 4: An original Desk Bit (either another list or a rant - see sample packet for examples). 
    • Lists should have exactly 4 examples
    • Rants should be no more than one-paragraph
  • Page 5: An outline for an original character with an opinion about something in the news. Describe the character, their point of view, and what news story they would comment on.
  • Page 6: A brief guest interview for this character on Good Evening, Tonight. It should include the introduction, a three beat interview, and character's exit. This should not exceed three pages

A sample packet can be found here to help: SAMPLE_PACKET