Improv Level 4: Advanced Scene Work with Ian Covell


Improv Level 4: Advanced Scene Work with Ian Covell

220.00 245.00

Mondays 7:00p-10:00p
Start Date: July 22
End Date: September 16 (no class on Labor Day)
Prerequisite: Improv Levels 1-3 from Highwire, Village, Dad’s, The Basement, or any comparable program. Unsure about your experience? Send us an email!

** This class takes place at Highwire Comedy Co.
4048 Flowers Rd Suite 210, Doraville, GA 30360

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It’s time to go pro!

Solid scene work is crucial to all types of improv performance. Simply put, the quality of the scene work absolutely determines the success of the show no matter what format you’re exploring.

In this eight-week Advanced Scene Work course, students will receive instruction and guided feedback as they examine and work through the following:

  • Grounded scene work: Learn skills to aid in centering a scene/character/relationship and keeping the scene grounded no matter how absurd it gets.

  • Listening for and giving logical, clear, and simple offers in the scene

  • Finding and following what’s fun in a scene

  • Using object work and scene painting to add wonderful layers of fun and inspiration to every scene

  • ...and more!

Students will be encouraged to dig deep in this course to challenge and grow their current scene work skills. While some longform formats will likely be discussed, this course will focus more heavily on how good scene work can carry any format.

This course is for students who have taken level three or higher with either Highwire Comedy or other local improv organizations (e.g Dad’s Garage, The Village Theatre, Whole World, The Basement, Action Show Studios, etc.), or have at least two years of performance experience in performing longform.

**If prospective students are unsure if their level of experience is right for this course, contact us! We're happy to discuss. Send us an email to