Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you hold classes?
Classes are held at the theater location unless otherwise noted.
Where are your shows?
All our shows are held at The Robert Mello Studio, 4048 Flowers Rd., Doraville, GA.
What kind of shows do you do?
Our comedy shows include improv, sketch, character showcases, student grad shows and more.
When can I see shows?
We do not perform every weekend. Please check out our calendar for all the details.
How do I make a reservation for a show?

Head over to our calendar and choose the show you’d like to attend. Each show page has a “Buy Ticket” link. From there you’ll be taken to a form where you can pre-purchase your ticket.

Please arrive at the box office no later than 10 minutes before show time to claim your tickets. We release all tickets not picked up by that deadline to our stand-by list.

Seating is general admission, first come first served.

If there is no ticket link it can mean any of the following:

  • The show is sold out. You can still try to get a seat by arriving at the theater and putting your name on a stand-by list.
  • The show is free. Our class shows and mixers are free and open to everyone!
  • The show has already happened. You might be looking at an old date for a show. Make sure you clicked the right show date.
Can I record or photograph a show?
We love seeing ourselves on social media. Photos, Boomerangs, and silent clips are all ok. We do however ask that you DO NOT record or post video or audio. Remember though, you're at a live event so try to be discreet and use your best judgement when capturing something at the theater. It’s probably best to put your phone away and enjoy what’s happening!
How do I sign up for a class?
All of our current class offerings are listed on our Classes page. The classes are broken down into Improv, Sketch, and Stand Up offerings. Select the class you want and follow the link to register.
I signed up for class. What happens next?
You’ll receive a welcome email shortly after signing up. It will contain all the information about your class. If you have further questions you can email
What if a class is on a “Wait List”?
If the class you are interested says “Wait List” then it has sold out. If you would like to sign up you’ll be placed on the wait list. Being on the wait list doesn’t guarantee a spot in the class. If a spot opens up, we will go through the list in the order they were received.
I have prior improv training - can I skip any levels?
We love that there are so many other improv schools, theaters, and approaches but unfortunately we don’t allow students with prior experience to skip levels in any of our programs. We believe the best way to engage yourself in the Highwire community is to start with the basics. Our training program is tailored to strengthen your skills whether you’re an experienced improviser or just starting out.
How can I get stage time at Highwire Comedy Co.?

Below you will find all the opportunities for anyone from up and coming students to veteran improvisers to get on the Highwire stage.

  • Mixers: We host improv mixers. They’re free and anyone with any level of improv experience can sign up!
  • Amplifier: Once you complete Improv Level 3, you’re eligible to apply for Amplifier. Each season we put together Harold teams made up of players from across the Highwire community. If you meet the requirements simply apply to the Amplifier lottery and if you’re picked, you get placed on a team of 8 players and assigned a coach. You’ll have weekly practices and have a schedule of performances.
  • Superconductor: Every Friday night (except the first Friday) at 8:00pm we give our stage over to the local indie ensembles, duos, and veteran teams in Atlanta. Each team gets 15 minutes to play on the Highwire stage. Interested? Apply here.

We might have missed something so stay connected to the Highwire community on Facebook, Instagram, or on our blog to make sure you take advantage of everything we have to offer.

How do I become a performer at the theater?

It depends what you want to do! We hold regular auditions and applications to become part of our house teams.

  • Megavolt: We hold auditions twice a year for our house improv ensembles. The requirement to audition is completing all of Highwire's core curriculum (Levels 1-3) and at least one Level 4 Elective.
  • Livewire: We open applications twice a year for our house sketch ensembles. The requirements to apply depend on the role. For a writer - it is strongly recommended that you complete our core sketch curriculum (Levels 1-3). You must also complete an application and submit a writing packet. For a performer - it is strongly recommended that you complete our core improv curriculum (Levels 1-3). You must also complete an application and submit a video. For a writer/performer - you must meet both writer and performer requirements.

Keep an eye on our blog or community page for all the info on these opportunities!

Is your theater handicap accessible?
Yes it is.
Can I bring my children to your shows?
Our shows are generally intended for adults and the material will therefore be of an adult nature. If you're cool with your kids hearing that type of stuff then so are we.
Where can I park?
Our parking lot is located on site. It’s small so arrive early if you’d like to guarantee a spot. If the lot is full there is limited street parking available nearby on both Bishop Street and Trabert Avenue.